Mercurialis Inc.

"When reality can't keep up - dare to dream."

Est. Oct 28, 2002

Hit play for vibes.

History of MINC

Established in 2002 during EVE Online's beta test and now a key member of the Goonswarm Federation.

We're seasoned PvP players, having participated in every major conflict since the game's inception. Our playstyles range from large fleet flight to wormhole exploration to capital production, showcasing our versatility and adaptability.

Diversity is our strength. Our multicultural and inclusive community fosters an environment where every member's unique perspective and contribution is valued.

The Leadership Team.



The Directorate

Matt Falahe                   Qicia        
Matt   Q
Mugatto Otomeya        Mystic Siren     
Ozzy   Mystic
Almalexia Vivekosia     Primus Buck        
Alma   Primus